high hopes

some upcoming Matt Krefting dates

*June 14 – Feeding Tube Records, Northampton, MA duo with Byron Coley (with Father Murphy (italy), Déclenchement Visages

*June 18 – Feeding Tube Records, Northampton, MA solo tapes (with Vom Grill, Dog Lady, False Hellborne)

*June 20 – Trans Pecos, Queens, NYC, Bruismelk Festival solo tapes (with MIAUX (be), TSEMBLA (fin), THE MAGNIFICENT PUSSIES (Byron Coley/Gary Panter/Ted Lee), KUUPUU (fin), GOOD AREA, BROWN RECLUSE ALPHA, BROMP TREB, GREY SKULL, DAN MELCHIOR, MV CARBON, JOSHUA BURKETT, BLAASTAAL)

*June 21 – Trans Pecos, Queens, NYC, Bruismelk Festival as part of Idea Fire Company (with DOG LADY ISLAND, PREGGY PEGGY, SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN, SAMARA LUBELSKI, IDM THEFT ABLE, VOM GRILL (be), NOISE NOMADS, XO4, , CHRIS CORSANO)

*June 24 – Yod, Florence, MA, Lymph Est release party, readings with Graham Lambkin

*July 19 -- Washington Street Art Center, Somerville, MA YDLMIER 050 release show solo tapes
*July 23 – 13th Floor Music Lounge, Florence, MA Jake Meginsky l’appel du vide release party solo tapes (with Jake Meginsky, Bill Nace, Clear People [John Moloney/Rob Thomas], DJ George Myers before and in between sets)

*August 1 – Northern Routes New Music Festival at 1794 Meetinghouse, New Salem, MA solo tapes ( with Glenn Jones, Marissa Nadler, Glitter Pen, Matt Weston, Trevor Healy, Bunwinkies, Twilight Tipi, PASSERINE)