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 "L'appel du Vide" LP

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Jake Meginsky
l’appel du vide
Open Mouth LP
Subterranean, nearly-inaudible restraint and rushing, stuttering throbbing rule the night on this new record. Its electric moods are so resolutely alien they suggest worlds unknown rather than create them. Irregular heartbeat thumps are set against high end atmospheres explored in microscopic detail. Haunting overlays of tones fluctuate and tremble, and not one moment feels forced. The music is meticulously constructed and consistently surprising, twisting and sparkling. The electronics spin away, shooting off into bizarre and unexpected territory, and all the while Meginsky guides them with a benevolent, confident, endlessly fascinated hand.  To hear him tell it, the record is “a document of me looking for the experience I have not yet had, and maybe will never have. This is where the title comes from. The pull of the void.”
Natural phenomena like fog or mist tend to render the environment and one’s ability to see it nearly impossible, and if you tilt your head back like you have a nosebleed there is always the fear that the sun might set sooner. When you stop in a secret place there is no need to talk. These are streets full of sullen languid violence and grey phantoms.
Edition of 300. Cover art by Bill Nace. Play at 45 and play loud. 

Matt Krefting
Holyoke, MA
May 2014